Vimeo: “I use it as some use Viadeo”

Vimeo hosts videos created by users for users. It is therefore out of the question to find video commercial or games records for example. A positioning which stands out the behemoths of the video on the net that are Youtube and Dailymotion. Yet, companies are able to use this type of platforms in a professional setting. Why? How do do? Bruno Hubert, artistic director, bore Communication, presents the interest and limitations found in this site and the use that there may be.

Commentçamarche .net: How did you discover Vimeo and how it is passed the takeover of this platform?

Bruno Hubert – I found Vimeo through a graphic designer friend. The friend used it for some time already to make a watch on its field of activity and discover the new trends of motion design.
With respect to ownership, I put very little time to explore the site. Although the site is not available in English, its use and its interface is very intuitive, it remains very easy to access, even by non-English speakers.

CCM: in what context you use the tool and what use to make on a daily basis?

BH – I use Vimeo to have an overview of the digital creation from an artistic point of view. The international dimension of the site allows me to quickly detect new trends, wherever they come. I I use also to watch tutorials on some software and hardware tests by users. It is also like that I made my choice before you buy my last digital SLR.
I mainly use this tool in my work, but not only to watch. I have an account paying on Vimeo that allows me to host my video productions and create “chains”. This allows me to classify them according to the themes, it is both convenient for me, but also for visitors wishing to have an overview of my work.
It has also become my professional social network. I use it as some might use Viadeo in the difference that here, everything is centered on the video. It can be “liker”, leave comments, become friends with other users…

CCM: Has Vimeo replaced some of the tools that you used before?

BH – Viméo has replaced a number of books and magazines about graphic design and video I could see before. I find the tool much larger and more representative than magazines or books that deal with artistic creation, often with a somewhat elitist view. Vimeo offers an impressive number of videos very qualitative, but very accessible. It also has as many platforms online the advantage of being in the immediate release after creation, unlike the Edition that is often a few months see a year of delay on trends. As I said, Vimeo greenhouse me also professional social network. I already made contacts and worked in collaboration with Vimeo users who had come to my attention.

CCM: What is the advantage of this tool from the application of the same type?

BH – Vimeo seems be used by more professionals and have more quality than YouTube or Dailymotion content for example. On the site controls are rigorous and classification of video monitored, which allows to users to find targeted videos and people in a common project for example. A big advantage is that it is a social network dedicated to video, and that all of its features are thoughts in this sense. There is not any, but it does very well.

CCM: In your opinion, what are the limits of Vimeo?

BH – The very large number of videos can also be seen as a disadvantage. The problem is that every day millions of new videos are added. It is therefore impossible to see everything, great content can get us. This is to put into perspective insofar as it has the possibility to subscribe to certain “chains”. The risk is that Vimeo can not keep the quality of content and become a tool, often synonymous with tote bag, where it becomes difficult to find what you are looking.

Bore is a studio of creation in the service of communication. From conception to completion, they operate in different areas: Entertainment, decoration, viral marketing, advertising films, music videos, corporate communications, billboard…

Vimeo is a community website for sharing and viewing of videos created by the users. A free version, limited to 500 MB per week, possibility of creating three albums, a group and a chain. Pay version to 10 euros per month or 60 euros per year, which gives access to all the advanced features.”Next”.

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