What Is Website Conversion Rate Optimization?

Ask any one in any field that is successful the key to their business making money and they will tell you it’s turning shoppers into buyers, and if you have a web based business, that is called web site conversion rate optimization.

While I do not consider myself a hard head it did take a while for me to understand that while hits to my web site were good, the hits that did not purchase my Denver based product were a wasted opportunity. Once I began to understand web site conversion rate optimization, my bottom line grew and grew. I was finally headed towards the full potential of my web based business, and I really did not have to work that much harder, only smarter.

Web site conversion rate optimization refers to how many people visit my site and their potential to actually purchase something. The only way to really get to the heart of this problem is through the data. Being able to optimize my conversion rate was based on the data collected every day and then analyzing that data to improve sales.

Have you noticed that almost every grocery store now has a reward program? Every time you buy something you scan a card, this card allows you to receive special prices on certain items, so everyone uses them. The truth is that the data collected is used to increase sales. Web site conversion rate optimization works in the same basic way.

All the traffic to your web site is tracked and broken down to establish trends, this information can then be used to focus sales, or in some way influence people to buy my product. Improving the amount of customers that visit my web site and actually buy is web site conversion rate optimization, and it has added to my bottom line.

Once I started to understand what the buying trends of my customers were I was able to create a new and improved marketing plan in order to increate how many times they visited my web site and how often they actually paid for my product. I was also able to track which affiliates of mine they clicked on most often and moved my affiliate links around in order to keep people coming back.

The main idea behind web site conversion rate optimization is to make my web site easier to use and more appealing to people. Being able to improve the look and feel of my web site paid huge dividends when it came to make it easier to direct people to my site too.

What is web site conversion rate optimization? It is analyzing the data from my web site and using it to covert shoppers into buyer, and it improved my bottom line.

Dan Collins is a certified usability expert who specializes in website conversion rate optimization. His specialty is helping you to increase your website conversion rates.

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