Treaties and relations with China pending U.S. entanglements

Congress returns from vacation and is expected to boost Obama treaties as part of the job.

The free trade agreements (FTAs) the United States with Colombia, Panama and South Korea back on track with a new factor in favor, but a possible new mess.

The U.S. Congress ends its recess a month and takes their discussions tomorrow. It is expected that President Barack Obama linking agreements with the strategy to generate more jobs, but now several Democratic congressmen, as the leader of the caucus in the House, Nancy Pelosi, asked for a project to link them to punish China for manipulating its currency .

So warned an editorial in the Washington Post last week. It further states that the Senate advanced a similar proposal.

If successful the idea would be a death sentence for the FTA, since the subject of China and its currency is a highly explosive, which could fracture the Congress.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the discourse on employment generation will be President Barack Obama on Thursday.

Is expected to mention the urgency of the FTA, because the president has insisted that these “would help the unemployed in search of new opportunities, and also enable our companies to sell products in Asia and South America.”

In fact, in Washington, one issue dominates the agenda: job creation. The two parties put forward their strategies, agree on one point: that the pending treaty could create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Tom Donohue, president of the Chamber of Commerce USA, said she believes “everyone is ready to move,” words that show the feelings of the entire business sector.

The final section of the legislative year runs until December 8, or a few days if there are special sessions, and Washington is no certainty that if the treaty is voted on in this period, return to the freezer indefinitely.

In large part because 2012 is the year of presidential and legislative elections and it is unlikely that the issue is even touched in the middle of political campaigns.

FTAs were on track to be approved this summer, but became entangled by the TAA (aid program for workers affected by free trade) and the controversy over permission for the Government to borrow more.

Before heading out to recess, leaders of the two parties reached an agreement on TAA and announced that TLC would be considered again as soon as the recess of Congress.

The newspaper ‘The Hill’ said the main problem is the “deep mistrust” between the Republicans and the White House. The former have asked Obama to send the FTA and that they will vote to approve the TAA in a separate project.

The White House fears that ‘put rabbit’.

Obama asked to approve the TAA and then he would send the FTA. But Republicans fear that the President change his mind.

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