Over Pass Vandals Toss Again

It has happened again. A mailbox was tossed from a McMinn County over pass early this morning.

“His lights sort of lit up the top of the overpass and of course, there was someone up there, holding something up, I guess, that got his attention,” said Sheriff Joe Guy.

The driver of the truck told police he saw a man standing on this over pass, holding  something over his head. Turns out, it was a mailbox. Wayne Belden, the driver of the tractor trailer, shined his lights on the County Road 255 over pass, but that didn’t stop that man from tossing this mailbox onto his truck.

“The suspect dropped the mailbox, I guess trying to time it to hit the tractor trailer. And it actually did bounce off the roof of the tractor trailer but it didn’t do that much damage to the truck,” Sheriff Guy said.

It happened this morning, around 2:30. Belden was driving south on Interstate 75 and even though he and his truck were unharmed, he called police.  This is the third time in just over a month that this type of incident has happened in McMinn.  On November 17, a large plastic mailbox hit a truck and broke the windshield. Just a week later, a fan motor hit a charter bus carrying the Lee University singers. So far, no one’s been caught, but Sheriff Joe Guy says this time, they’ve got more evidence.

“Several agencies are involved and several resources are coming together because we’ve got so much to work with this time,” he said.

Detectives were on the scene today, making plaster casts of the tire treads found in the mud near by.  Sheriff Guys says this, and possible DNA left on the mailbox will help.

“We’re following up on the leads that came in this morning. Of course, we do have more evidence this time. Our officers are very busy, it is a priority to locate the individuals that are involved in this. Its someone who has no regard for safety,” said Sheriff Guy.

But Guy says the safety of MicMinn’s roads hasn’t changed.

“We still feel like our interstates are safe. We’re going out patrolling the over passes at night. I’ve been out myself at night to help patrol the over passes and our patrol officers do that,” he said.

The McMinn County Sheriff’s Department is offering a $13,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.Sheriff Guy said at the county commission meeting Monday night, the county made a request to TDOT to study the effects gates would have on the safety of those over passes.

It, Over Pass Vandals Toss Again extract from News Channel 9

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