Israel fears amid a wave of protests in the Middle East

President Barack Hussein Obama’s response to the crisis in Egypt has received fierce criticism from Israel. The Jewish state is assessing the U.S. as a political leader that suppress naive Hosni Mubarak to cede power is considered as a boomerang.

Criticism came from a senior Israeli official who called – let Obama repeat the same mistakes of his predecessors who demanded human rights and democracy in the Middle East often backfired by bringing anti-Western regime.

Three decades ago, President Jimmy Carter urged other allies of America, the Shah of Iran to loosen his grip on power, only to see the autocratic regime was replaced by the Islamic Republic. Recently, US-backed elections have strengthened groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Palestinian territories and the radical anti-American in Iran.

“Jimmy Carter has been recorded in American history as ‘the president who lost Iran,'” the analyst Aluf Benn wrote in the daily Haaretz this week. “Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who lost Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and during the American alliance in the Middle East were destroyed,” Benn wrote.

Israeli officials, while refraining from open criticism of Obama, has made no secret of their view that the exclusion of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and pushing for quick elections in Egypt could bring unwanted results.

Foreign Ministry spokesman PJ Crowley issued a statement saying “We want to see elections free, fair and credible in Egypt. The faster that can happen, the better.”

The Israelis responded “If there are elections like the Americans wanted, I would not be surprised if the Muslim Brotherhood did not win a majority, would win half the seats in parliament. It will be a new Middle East, radical Islamic extremists.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed similar sentiments this week when he warned that “if the extremist forces are allowed to exploit the democratic process to achieve the power to advance the anti-democratic purposes – as happened in Iran and elsewhere – the result will be bad for peace and bad for democracy. ”

In other words, Israel has the stance that the democratic process should only be run by community groups that support Western interests. Authoritarian state that not knows democracy, which was always pressing his people and does not respect human rights such as the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt will continue to be supported. No exception monarchy rule in other Arab countries remained far as protecting Western interests.

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