Dani Johnson in Secret Millionaire

The Secret Millionaire is a reality show produced by the independent production company RDF Media, created by Stephen Lambert and originated in UK. This reality show about which millionaires go incognito into impoverished communities and agree to give away tens of thousand of pounds (or a hundred of thousands of dollars in the US version). The members are told the cameras are present to a film documentary.

In season 2, Dani Johnson became the member of “Millionaire Secret” and last night (6 March 2011) is her new episode. For next week (13 March 2011) “Secret Millionaire” have Marc Paskin, and the 2 next week (20 March 2011) they got James Malinchak. Dani Johnson just got $2.03 to her name, and she was living in her car. Just two year later she became a millionaire, while she is 23 years old. She is marketing relationship, and she started her business of the trunk of her car using a pay phone booth. She goes into companies for business, and trying to make difference. She must struggling find someone she likes, then she reveals and make donation to help her business get survive.

On this episode, she gave her own money for charity and unlucky people in Western Heights, and poor area outside Knoxville, this will make tears to our eyes. First step to wealth is her new book. This book is already coming out. It’s free, we only change the delivery payment and handling charge. If you want to hear Dani Johnson, she also hosting a radio show every Sunday morning, Spiritual Equipping.

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