Vanishing on 7th Street – A horror thriller movie

A horror thriller film that nuanced Doomsday setting has been released since 12 September 2010. The film entitled “Vanishing on 7th Street” is directed by Brad Anderson, who also once worked on the Machinist (2004). Magnolia Pictures filmed the movie and starring by several famous artists, you name it: Hayden Christensen (previously played in the Star Wars movie), Thandie Newton (Actor Chris Gardner’s wife in the Pursuit of Happiness movie), and John Leguizamo (Tybalt actors in the movie Romeo + Juliet). In making this film spent $ 10 million.

A dissapoint one Brad Anderson’s Movie
The film tells of terror that shook the world, where people who suddenly disappeared without a trace. Few people survived, including Luke (Hayden Christensen) who is trying to survive from the darkness that continues to spread and catch them. In an effort to save himself, he meets Rosemary (Thandie Newton), and Luke (John Leguizamo). The three of them hand in hand in order to continue to survive. But at the end of the movie all of them get caught and only their shadows have just left on the wall.

Many spectators disappointed because throughout the movie is playing, the lighting is too low. Also the end of the story is lacking, and the lack of explanation in the film. The actors try to make this film more life, unfortunately they failed. This film really gets sharp criticism and is considered inappropriate to watch. Many reviews that declare it a bad movie because the script is bad.

Oops, it seems Brad Anderson should start the alert, because this movie really failed. However, from a source while doing an interview, he explains that this film was made with a mepet time and minimal funds. So the film crew could not show what they want to show the max. Hopefully this is not the end of everything. Of course the fans of Brad, et al wish they could hit the hollywood with the work of their more remarkable.

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