Ash Wednesday fasting rules

The Rules that you have to do during pre Easter fasting

Wednesday, ?March ?9, ?2011 was the sacred day to Christians. For on that day Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the first day of pre-Easter (40 days to Easter, not counting Sundays). At this time, Christians are supposed to carry out fast. Then what the rules that we supposed to do when we carry out fast?

The first rule is a matter of time. The compulsoty time for the Christians in the pre-Easter fasting is on ash Wednesday, and Friday until the time of Easter arrives. This is as stated in Canon Law 1251. The second regulation is about anyone who should fast. The Canon Law also states that the obligatory fasting is that they have reached 18 years old to 59 years (sometimes fulfilled up to 60 years) during pre-Easter time. The third regulation is about abstinence for Christians in the pre-Easter. Any Christians who are should fast forbidden to eat meat on ash Wednesday and Friday until Easter arrives. This was done to honor the passion of Jesus on Good Friday. This prohibition applies to those who aged 14 years old or older. Furthermore, rules about who can not fast. Those who can not fast include: People who have not reached the age limit and exceed the age limit, people who suffer mental illness, the sick, and pregnant women.

Well, that’s a bit of information that might help you understand the ash wednesday, the pre-Easter, and about the rules of fasting. To the Christians around the world, survived a period of pre Easter. God Bless U all.

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