Nuclear Power, Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

The use of nuclear materials that could be used as an alternative to overcome the energy supply in a State, it seems increasingly rife. The term is more commonly known as “Nuclear Power,” which is produced by controlling the nuclear reactions which transformed into nuclear fission later, which can be used to generate steam as a power plant. However, to be able to have a Nuclear Power program is not easy, a lot of rules that are enforced, especially by Americans. This is due to the nuclear potential which can be used as a weapon of mass killing.

Nuclear Power a dangerous solution to overcome the problem of electricity

An example is now happening in Japan, due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit that country, a Nuclear Power plant affected. Powerful vibrations make the cooling system in that nuclear power plant is not working, and it is feared could trigger an explosion. Of course, Japanese people do not want this incident happen over and over again. They had already felt the impact of atomic bombs that allied forces dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. However, the Japanese government already asked their citizens to step aside at least 2 miles from the Nuclear Power Plant.

Well, considering the usefulness and risks that can be generated by nuclear power, we should need to consider before using it. However, if we do have to use it, make sure that is built in safe place, away from settlements. Therefore, when there is an accident, there would be no collateral damage.

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