Charlie Sheen on tour

Misleading: The TV star Charlie Sheen fired cultivated his half-mad with a tour of American theater – and no one realizes that his career lives on nothing but to break his career.

“Detroit sucks! Detroit sucks!” No sooner has Charlie Sheen entered after his grand debacle the night before the stage of Chicago theater, even cheers. The girls scream, which give vodka and Red Bull. A fat man rips his shirt from his body and is ideal for the rest of the evening as a useful idiot. Sheen must do no more curse as loudly as possible to bring the house down.

What was going Sheen, as he had the crazy idea that his recent tour of the talk show couches now live in 20 U.S. warehouses to bear? What he meant when he titled “Violent torpedo of Truth Defeat Is Not an Option.” (“Violent torpedo the truth – defeat is not an option”) devised? No. It should be quite large parties. But Detroit had to endure the public until a bleak comedian.

When Sheen finally came, he found it funny to boast great Detroit crack the market before he entertained the audience with a hit parade of his YouTube videos, and up with a medley of heroic moments of film Taxi Driver Rocky. The smeary appearance of his “Goddess” could not save the evening. “You are shit” “Loser”, yelled the first from the audience. “I have your money already!” Smirked, to Sheen. A little later the crowd booed him off the stage.

What Sheen with his tour was up, he wanted to talk without any live experience night after night, thousands of spectators that had been clear from the outset no one. The organizers apparently relied on it, he shall be able to be popped enough. But after the fiasco in Detroit, no one expected that he would survive a second night.

The black market tickets on the Internet for Sheen collapsed within minutes. The organizers committed additional security personnel to protect Sheen before his outraged fans. Chandeliers were expected in Chicago, the final collapse of the Sheen-machine, the most successful attempt of recent times, insanity to make money.

But who thought so, had mistaken. As long as Sheen is able to produce more and more foolish controversies, colorful pseudo-scandals and imaginary enemies, it will be the fans who are with the supposedly besieged, does not participate in more and fed up, grateful to identify. It’s like Sarah Palin: Each enemy secures him three new fans. had seen the evil dissipation, Sheen at the ungrateful trolls in Detroit, presented in loose order to meet the entire evening in Chicago.

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